Bribery & Trickery: My Two Best Parenting Tactics


July 7, 2012 by fitterfatty

Every parent has some things they are not always proud of, however I am not ashamed to say that I use both bribery and trickery to keep my kids happy long enough to get a jog in. Most days, the double jogging stroller is the only way I am able to go for a run. It’s not a fancy one either, so I am not sure how comfortable it is for the boys. It is a bike trailer that you can put a wheel on the front and it turns into a stroller. It is easy to push, and provides some protection from the elements. All the necessities are there.

Getting the boys on board for a run is easy. To avoid melt downs, I randomly take them on short walks in the stroller to do things they love doing. The other day we walked a mile and got frozen yogurt. Sometimes, we will walk to the pool or park that’s one block away, and get out and play… then “jog” home. Before each “outing”, I tell them simply, “We’re going for a run”…then I follow it up with doing something they think is totally awesome. Now, it is important not to do the awesome activity each time, in order to keep them guessing. Sometimes I tell them, “We’re going for a run.” And then actually make them sit through 5 or 6 miles, with no reward other than wrestle mania in the back yard when we get home.

 Yes, I trick. And bribe. And give them sugar sometimes (anything to keep them off the boob, kidding, kind of). It may definitely hurt my standing in the mother-of-the-year contest. Although, I think I may have been disqualified a long time ago.


One thought on “Bribery & Trickery: My Two Best Parenting Tactics

  1. Jennie says:

    I love to bribe too! Whatever works!!!!!!! I think their should be a “slacker” or “mediocre mom of the year” I am all over that contest 😉

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