Fit for Life Half Recap


July 16, 2012 by fitterfatty

I had a weird day today. It started out with a somewhat hopeless child protective services case, and it really has been weighing on me all day. I don’t work for CPS, but I work for a certain government agency that works with a specific demographic of students with special needs. Cryptic enough? Well, I really don’t want this blog to be a complaint festival about work. So, on a lighter note…Saturday’s race was PR city!!!

I ran the half in 2:02, which is over a half an hour faster than my first 1/2, two weeks ago. It’s amazing what a flat and shady course will do for you!

Dont’ be jealous, I have almost 30 years of experience ruining photos. This kind of talent doesn’t just come naturally:


And my mom ran her first ever 10k. She placed 1st in her age group!!! She is the type of mom who is has always shown up, in meaningful ways, to anything I take an interest in, even if she doesn’t particularly enjoy it. My parents where always the loud cheering parents at the soccer games (never missed a game); and my mom even got her kayaking roll down before I did.

My mom has always been an excellent example of making healthy choices and fostering a safe environment for me to try new things. So, naturally she started running and signing up for the same races I did. She has been one of my biggest cheerleaders. I am so happy that I was there to share her big win on Saturday. I am so proud of her! She won a tiny baseball bat instead of a trophy. Which she has already turned into a tiny t-ball set.

One of my dear friends also ran the 10k. Her goal was to run the whole thing…and that is just what she did, in well under an hour. High fives to Mad Dog!! Plus, it is always good to have a friend to finish first to make sure you have a cold beer in your hand immediately when you cross the finish line. Mission complete.

The race went really smoothly. I woke up really early, just to make sure I remembered everything and to be able to have enough time to nurse the O man and get him back to bed before I took off. My mom picked me up and we met my friend in line at the timing chip pick up (we didn’t get our chips at packet pick-up). They had people lining up for packet and timing chip pick-up in the area where people were also lining up at the starting line, which was a little confusing.

We started on time, and took off down the Greenbelt. It was flat and shady and cool. Heaven! There was water only at each aid station and the volunteers where working their tails off getting it all handed out fast enough! The course was an out and back. It was nice running along the river, and the temperature was pleasant. Most of my runs occur…whenever I can squeeze them in. So, usually around my neighborhood, sometimes during the hottest part of the day, and most of the time in whatever I happened to be wearing at the moment (if you ever see someone running in a moo-moo, it most definitely me). The Greenbelt was a pleasant change of scenery.

I picked up the pace the second half, and realized that I could have probably pushed a little harder the first half. I am not very aware of my pace until I complete a whole run. I should pay more attention because I still had a lot left at the end. I wanted to break 2 hours, and I think I definitely could have, if I had been paying closer attention to my speed throughout the course.

There was a home plate finish, with water, Gatorade, and chocolate milk. Beer and hotdogs were served as the post-race refreshments. My mom is was a vegetarian until she finished her 10k famished and could only locate a hotdog to eat. I guess she has met her butts and lips tubed meat quota for her life time. I made us late for my niece’s birthday party because I demanded that we stay for the awards.

But we made it!!



One thought on “Fit for Life Half Recap

  1. Sarah says:

    I’m so proud of you, mama! You’re amazing! Seriously, your progress from week to week, race to race is impressive, but not surprising, since I know how you are. 🙂

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