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September 20, 2012 by fitterfatty

Hey! It has been too long. I want to post more, but there are some major changes in the works at the Fitter Fatty household. I was out-of-town for work, and then I came back. Then I went out-of-town again…for a job interview. Woah, what?

Then I got back, and work has been crazy. Then I got the job offer from said interview, which happens to be across the country. So, I have been wrapping things up at my current job, wrapping things up in my house, planning a cross-country move, trying to be a good mom and wife, and still staying on track for my wine guzzling festival marathon (Sept. 30!!). Meanwhile, I have been a terrible blogger.

Since I will be moving across the country, you can bet that I will be shamelessly posting a trillion baby and running pics…and probably some pictures of the ocean and my new digs when the time comes. And maybe my husband.

This is where I am moving:

Not bad, eh? The only downside is that I am pretty sure people out there run really fast. I don’t think the slow running movement (I like to pretend I am part of a movement, and that I am making some sort of statement by my pace) hasn’t caught on yet.

I got to see some family while on my whirlwind interview trip. When I take photos, I do everything I can to make sure that the other person in the picture looks their best.

Doesn’t my mother-in-law look gorgeous? She didn’t need my help (that’s my regular face).

So, wish me luck. I’m moving, running a marathon, starting a new job, and turning 30 in the next month. Since, I am moving I am not going to be able to run my 50k Oct. 20 http://foothills50kfrenzy.com/ Anyone freaky enough to take my number? Also, I need suggestions for awesome trail running in New England, specifically New Hampshire. Ready go.


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