Not Doing What I Should Be Doing


September 24, 2012 by fitterfatty

I am supposed to be finishing a report for a lovely coworker who is inheriting my mess of a caseload. But it turns out I am too busy day dreaming.

I found out that we got the house we applied for in a rural town that feeds into an excellent coop school district. My kids’ education is important and all, but who am I kidding? The real reason I am excited is that there is a trail running group in the same little town. I can’t wait to explore New England by foot. I have my eye on a couple of races coming up in October and November.

I seriously have to get this work done before 8:30am, so it’s a good thing no one responded to my previous post about my marathon mix because I would be obsessing over music tracks rather than blogging finishing my paperwork.

You have to read this: My favorite? “Hey Girl, that fuel belt makes your butt look fantastic.”



2 thoughts on “Not Doing What I Should Be Doing

  1. Sarah says:

    We need to catch up! So happy you got the house!! And for the running group. All good things, all around… except for the leaving part. Can’t you be one of those bi-coastal people? And by west coast, I mean Idaho desert.

  2. fitterfatty says:

    Idaho desert will always be my home!! Who doesn’t love a good dirt tan? You and A will have to take a clam digging New England vacay.

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