2 Miles and a Banana Hammock!!!


July 12, 2013 by fitterfatty

I haven’t run this week; I’m trying to rest the IT band…and I had to travel for work, so it was a perfect opportunity to take it easy. While there was a good amount of work that had to be done, I still got to do this:

tampa pool

I got to eat at a delicious Spanish and Cuban restaurant in Ybor called Columbia. I downed a million tapas, a traditional Cuban sandwich, and a gallon of Sangria. Gout anyone?

cuban sandwich

I didn’t plan on running all week, but I had an unintended speed session in the Baltimore airport last night trying to make a flight connection. I managed to sprint to another terminal without any knee pain, so I attempted a couple flat, slow, treadmill miles today. It was a success. No pain. I am going to try out a couple more miles throughout the weekend, and add another session with my orthopedic massage guy. I am keeping my fingers crossed!!

Nothing like a little progress to trigger the old training plan googler. I will definitely be updating my bucket list. Sarah and I have a date in 2015. ironman
Now, all I have to do is get my weekly mileage over 3 miles, figure out how to swim, and learn something about bikes (more specifically, how to afford one). And most importantly, which singlet I will need. I am thinking a little something like this:
I feel like it would really make me look like a ligit endurance athlete/sexy underpants expert.

I never thought I would ever be so excited to run 2 miles, but crazy things happen to your mind when you have to take unplanned rest days. So, today was pretty great. I got to snuggle the littles, run a little, do a little work, we still made it to the beach, and took walk in Vaughan Woods on our way home.

m and o carseats

milo face

vaughn woods2

vaughn woods 3

oliver beach


One thought on “2 Miles and a Banana Hammock!!!

  1. Sarah says:

    YAY! I’m late to the posts – Google Reader is gone and I’m terrible at Feedly still. Anyway, I’m catching up. You are awesome. The boys are awesome. Super excited for you and not excited about swim/bike. xo

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