With injury there’s blogging?


July 7, 2013 by fitterfatty

It has been a redic amount of time since I have written anything here, but I want to start up again. There have been many times I have wanted to write here, but I didn’t really know how to get started.

Since my last post I quit my job in Idaho, ran a marathon (too late for a race re-cap, but finished in 4:12), moved to New Hampshire, started a new job, turned 30, ran through my first super snowy winter and raced a bunch of different distances in New Hampshire (including a super slow and sloggy 50K)- check out my races page if you are actually interested in the details.

I had major summer running plans… but now I am temporarily sidelined making the trail marathon at he end of July that I signed up for nearly impossible. And I am questioning how ready I will be for the marathon I signed up for in early October now as well.

Just working on my tan.

Just working on my tan.

So, I will probably continue to look like this most of the time and hide any Facebook posts by anyone who could possibly be enjoying a good run. Just kidding. Maybe. I guess I will also be doing some cross training, resting, cheering for other people, and hoping for a miracle.

If only my injury would get me out of cutting the grass. I am sure my neighbors would appreciate it if I would wear a shirt, but I can’t resist flaunting my mildly destroyed and majorly sagging empty baby condo all over the yard. What can I say…it’s hot outside. Plus, I love how the vibrations from the lawn mower make my “6 pack” look especially appealing. Damn, I make motherhood seem so sexy.

I have no problem filling up my usual running time with hikes with the boys, trips to the lake, pool parties in the yard, beer pounding sipping, writing a little more, reading a bit, and soaking up the summertime. I am pretty happy to be enjoying this:


2 thoughts on “With injury there’s blogging?

  1. Anne White says:

    B! Love that your posting on here again. Let me know if you’d like me to put some exercises together for you, sounds like for your IT band? We just started using this interactive site at work . And if you need any supplies I can send some your way!

    • fitterfatty says:

      Yes, damn IT band!!! Please send me some exercises. I have been doing some stuff to strengthen my glutes and core, but am pretty much at the point of trying anything. Just ordered some therabands, and have been foam rolling like a MF-er.

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