Hot Date and Turning Down the Pork Slap


July 20, 2013 by fitterfatty

It’s been hot here; I mean as hot as New England gets. The heat wave pushed temps in the upper 90’s and people are all like DANGER, don’t move, conserve energy, don’t be a baby or an old person, and STAY INSIDE (which is hilarious in the land of no-such-thing-as-central-air). Cue all the PSAs about leaving your kid and/or pets in the car.

We’ve not melted yet. And despite all the ominous warnings, we have still managed to spend most of our time outside. Well, when I am not in Stargate Command my work cubicle.

pool party
These guys clearly take their jobs seriously.

oliver pool

As long as I get out early enough (this pic was taken at roughly 5am), I even still run outside. If you consider limping around in the woods for a couple of miles “running”.

running commuter

I forgot to turn off the flash on my phone, and then got mobbed by mosquitos the second I paused. It wasn’t really foggy out, it was just my superb photography skills. That is actually the route I run to work, when I am able to be a run commuter. The whole route isn’t on that trail, but it is still really pretty. There are plenty of streams and ponds, and it’s heavily wooded which has come in handy when my guts get all weird. I have no shame. I poop in the woods. I call it a win, since it’s not in my pants.

I love running to work and back. It’s a bonus mid-week long run, and I am still home by 5. I just have to leave at ridiculous o’clock a.m. but the boys are still sleeping so I don’t really miss out on anything. While I haven’t been able to be a run commuter much this summer, I did get a 4 mile run in, on my lunch break yesterday, with NO PAIN!! It’s a far cry from the 26 I want to run in early October, but it is a start. We’ll see how the rest of the weekend shakes out.

After work yesterday, we had our first ever [paid] babysitter. It was a success! We went out for Sushi. I was a little nervous so I ordered a little unfiltered breast milk to calm the nerves.


It worked, and I only texted the babysitter once or twice to make sure the boys didn’t pull a bedtime refusal. She was so sweet, her actual response was: “Yep they were great! We brushed teeth and read a book!” I have a feeling this is going to work out nicely. It is prettygreatreallynicesuperawesome to have an occasional moment to eat something that isn’t covered in peanut butter or isn’t being shoveled down the gullet while hovering over the sink.

There is an amazing grocery store next to the sushi place, so we browsed their beverage selection. I was on a mission to prove that the east coast has some good brews, which is a hotly contested topic. Alan wanted to try the Pork Slap. However, I wasn’t about to waste a potential mom-over (it’s what happens when a mom stays up past 9:30pm and has 1-3 glasses of wine/brew) on a beer that sounds like a middle school locker room game.

pork slap

But seriously, there were so many choices.


Holy wrinkles. It looks like I have fat rolls on my forehead. I either need to fire my botoxer or stop smiling so damn much.

So the winner was… some local cider. And it was so delish.



One thought on “Hot Date and Turning Down the Pork Slap

  1. Sarah says:

    OMG MOM-OVER!!! I’m dying. You tell the truth. And I drop my pants every single run past an hour.

    Happy you got a date night, hun! Looking gorgeous. xo

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